Mission & Vision


IPLAC is the first Intellectual Property (IP) law bar association in the country composed of leaders and professionals who are committed to protecting innovation in Chicago and nationally, by advancing the tenets of IP law in order to serve our members and greater community.


IPLAC promotes the advancement of IP law by constantly evolving, adapting, and advocating to meet the needs of its members in IP and adjacent IP-related fields through professional growth and development opportunities, mentoring and peer support, networking opportunities, community partnerships, and innovative events to create a diverse and inclusive environment which advances the field of IP law in Chicago and nationally.


  • IPLAC is committed to advancing our members’ professional development and developing the next generation of leaders in the field of IP law.
  • IPLAC is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the practice of law.
  • IPLAC is nimble and adapts easily to embrace change and new ideas.
  • IPLAC is transparent and open in both its governance and its priorities and initiatives.
  • IPLAC will work collaboratively with other IP and bar associations to share resources and ideas that will build strategic alliances to enhance our community.