Speaker Release

Name: ______________________________________ (“I” and/or “me”)

Email: ______________________________________

Event Name: _______________________________(the “Engagement”)

Event Date: ________________________________(the “Date”)

I accept IPLAC’s offer to participate as a speaker in the Engagement on the Date.

In exchange for the receipt of good and valuable consideration, I hereby irrevocably grant to the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago, its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns and those acting under its authority (“IPLAC”) the right to all uses and copies of any written information provided by me and any photographs, audio recordings or video recordings taken by or on behalf of IPLAC of me in connection with the Engagement (the “Materials”), in any and all print, electronic, digital and other media, for any lawful purpose whatsoever. The uses include but are not limited to sharing and sale via the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (“IICLE”) website, and promotion of IPLAC via the internet, digital/electronic media and/or educational and trade conferences.

I release IPLAC from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the Materials (including the use of my voice, likeness and/or name), including without limitation any and all claims for royalties or compensation other than as may be expressly provided in a written separate agreement between IPLAC and me.

I warrant that:

(a) the presentation and any written or verbal Materials I submit are original, are in the public domain, are fair use, or used with permission, reflect my opinions and experiences, and are true and correct to the best of my knowledge;

(b) that the publication of any Materials I provide will not knowingly infringe on the copyrights or other intellectual or proprietary rights of others, and

(c) I have full power to grant the rights set forth herein and authorize IPLAC to use the Materials provided by me.

I hereby assign and transfer to IPLAC all of the intellectual property or proprietary rights in any recording or online streaming of my presentation, including my spoken words. I acknowledge that IPLAC holds all copyright rights to any audio/visual recordings and its written transcription associated with the Engagement. Therefore, I acknowledge that IPLAC owns all rights to use recordings (tape and digital) and its written transcription for IPLAC’s own purposes, and to distribute the recording and its written transcription in any medium, including, without limitation, in electronic format via the internet.

I understand that this release form applies only to my presentation and Materials delivered at this conference and that this release in no way prohibits me from using my own material in any manner I so desire.