Obtain CLE

How to Obtain CLE for an IPLAC Committee Event

2022-2023 Term

If your committee would like to obtain CLE credit for an IPLAC event, then please complete all of the steps below. Once all of the steps are completed, your presentation will be submitted to the Illinois MCLE Board for approval. If you are seeking ethics credit, please let the CLE Committee members know the type of ethics credit you are seeking, how long the ethics credit portion will be, and which segment of the presentation will discuss ethics. Unless otherwise indicated, only Illinois CLE credit is available.

Members of the CLE Committee are here to assist you in applying for CLE credit by explaining the rules promulgated by the MCLE Board to make an event CLE-compliant. IPLAC cannot guarantee that CLE credits will be awarded for any event. Therefore, please do not state that CLE will be provided on marketing material. Rather, event organizers should announce that CLE has been requested for an event or “CLE Credit - Pending.” 

All of the following information is required to obtain CLE credit through MCLE (detailed explanation, below)

One week BEFORE the event:

  • Event Title and Brief Description
  • Event Schedule/Agenda
  • Presentation Materials
  • Faculty Biographies
  • Teaching and Ethics Credit Request (if any)
  • Speaker Release Forms

Within one week AFTER the event:

  • Attendance Record
  • Course Evaluation Forms
  • Financial Hardship Assistance Information (if any)
  • Recording of Virtual Event

For IPLAC Committee Chairs

Please send the specific information and documents listed below to the CLE Committee Co-Chairs at cle4iplac@gmail.com and the CLE Committee Co-Chairs, whose email addresses are listed on the IPLAC website.  Please direct any inquiries to the CLE Committee Co-Chairs.

Before the event:

Pursuant to MCLE Rule 795(a)(5), to obtain “presumptive approval” for an event, please provide the following required materials, preferably at least one week in advance of the event:

  1. Event Title and Brief Description – This information is typically found in the flyer sent via email to IPLAC members or posted on social media.
  2. Event Schedule/Agenda – To request presumptive CLE approval, the MCLE Rules require event coordinators to submit “a detailed outline of the proposed course or activity.” Accordingly, please provide the event agenda in as much detail as possible, including, but not limited to, the amount of time allotted for the event and/or each segment of the event.
  3. Presentation Materials – MCLE Rule 795(a)(5) requires submission of “[t]horough, high quality, readable and carefully prepared written materials [] made available to all participants at or before the time the course is presented.” Accordingly, a detailed PowerPoint presentation or other materials (25-50 pages minimum) that the presenter actually prepared and/or presented are needed. Note that court documents, Law360 articles, event recordings, transcripts, etc., are helpful as supplemental materials but will not satisfy the presentation materials requirement.
  4. Faculty Biographies – Committee chairs/event organizers must provide a short (250 words or less) biography about the presenters detailing their career and area of expertise.
  5. Teaching and Ethics Credit Requests – Teaching and ethics credit, including Diversity, Ethics, and Inclusion (DEI) credit, can be applied for upon specific request from the event coordinator. The same Rules apply to teaching and ethics credit as to other CLE events. 5. Speaker Release Form – Speakers at IPLAC CLE events should sign and submit the release form in advance of the scheduled event. This indicates that IPLAC is free to record, reproduce, and/or present the CLE event. This also indicates that the information shared does not knowingly violate any property right. A waiver must be requested if a presenter does not wish to submit a release form.

These documents should be sent to the CLE Committee at least 1 week before the event.

After the event:

  1. Attendance Record - This document can be a copy of the sign-in sheet with the attendees’ actual signatures or a list of the attorneys who attended the event within 30 days of the event. Failure to provide this information in a timely manner will incur significant late fees.  In order to request credit for the attendees, the attendance record must provide each attorney’s ARDC number.  If the event is held virtually, please download and provide an attendance report (e.g., an online spreadsheet, a Zoom attendee sheet, etc.). Instructions on how to download an attendee report are available here.
  2. Course Evaluation Forms - Please only send completed evaluation forms.
  3. Financial Hardship Assistance - IPLAC prides itself on being accessible, regardless of financial status. Please let the CLE Committee know how many attendees, if any, applied for financial hardship.

    Specifically, IPLAC offers aid to all Illinois attorneys experiencing a financial hardship. A financial hardship includes, but is not necessarily limited to, transitioning between positions. If an Illinois attorney would like to request a full or partial waiver of fees for an IPLAC CLE event, please contact the event coordinator and the IPLAC CLE Committee Co-Chairs at cle4iplac@gmail.com  and the email addresses listed on the IPLAC website. Please provide the reason(s) establishing the financial hardship, and IPLAC will adjust the fees accordingly. Not that, for courses costing over $500, attorneys who qualify will receive at least a 50% reduction in the course fee(s).

    The Illinois MCLE Board requires this information. If there is no cost to attend the event, this information is not needed. Please provide any inquiries about this requirement to the members of the CLE Committee.IPLAC prides itself on being accessible, regardless of financial status. Please let the CLE Committee know how many attendees, if any, applied for financial hardship.

  4. Recording of a Virtual Event - If the event is hosted on IPLAC’s Zoom account, the event will be recorded by default. Following the event, please coordinate with your Committee Board Liaison to download the recording and send the file to cle4iplac@gmail.com and iplaczoom@gmail.com.

These documents should be sent to the CLE Committee no later than 1 week after the event.

For IPLAC Event Attendees

As part of your IPLAC membership, you are able to attend any of IPLAC’s signature events. Several of them will allow you to obtain CLE credit. Please reference the event brochure or contact the event coordinators with any questions regarding pending CLE requests. IPLAC’s CLE Committee members will record your ARDC information in the MCLE website for the event you attend, and the CLE credit will automatically apply to your registration. Each attorney can log in to their ARDC account to view and/or download the CLE certificate 

CLE certificates can/should be downloaded directly from the ARDC website.