Request A Filing

Submit A Request For Amicus Support

What To Include

The IPLAC Amicus Committee welcomes your requests and suggestions for amicus support. The request should be in a letter or memo format that explains the request. We suggest that requests to IPLAC for amicus briefs include at least the following:

(1) A brief letter or memo of not more than 2-3 pages that provides the case name, caption, number and tribunal, the underlying case history, each party’s position, along with the party’s consent to the filing of an amicus brief by IPLAC;
(2) A discussion of why the issues are of significance to IPLAC and its members;
(3) A list of all parties and counsel to facilitate review of conflicts of interest by members of the Amicus Committee;
(4) The names and email addresses of lead counsel for each party;
(5) Copies of relevant pleadings, including the underlying case decision from which appeal is being taken;
(6) The full briefing schedule, including the deadline for IPLAC’s amicus brief;
(7) The names of other organizations from which amicus support has been requested.
(8) The party sending a letter or memo to IPLAC relating to amicus support should inform lead counsel of the other party(ies) of the request.

How To Submit

The IPLAC Amicus Committee typically needs at least 30 days for the period between receiving a request and filing a brief. Requests submitted with less than 30 days’ notice will have a significantly decreased chance of being accepted by IPLAC.

Requests should be submitted via email to:

  • the Chair of the IPLAC Amicus Committee,
  • with cc: to the Vice Chair of the IPLAC Amicus Committee.

For names and email addresses, please see Committee leadership here.

For more information on procedures, please contact the Chair and Vice Chair of the IPLAC Amicus Committee.

Guiding Principles

IPLAC adheres to the following statements, which are contained in the footnotes of its amicus briefs:

Footnote 1: Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 37.6, no counsel for a party authored this brief in whole or in part, no such counsel or a party made a monetary contribution intended to fund the preparation or submission of the brief, and no person other than the amicus curiae, its members, or its counsel, made such a monetary contribution to the preparation or submission of the brief.

Footnote 2: In addition to the required statement of footnote 1, IPLAC adds that after reasonable investigation, IPLAC believes that (a) no member of its Board or Amicus Committee who voted to prepare this brief, or any attorney in the law firm or corporation of such a member, represents a party to this litigation in this matter, (b) no representative of any party to this litigation participated in the authorship of this brief, and (c) no one other than IPLAC, or its members who authored this brief and their law firms or employers, made a monetary contribution to the preparation or submission of this brief.