IPLAC Annual Member Awards

Nominees are made by IPLAC's Officers and Board of Managers.
Selections are made by IPLAC's President.
Winners are honored at IPLAC’s Annual Meeting.

Committee of the Year
Started in 2018, this award honors a Committee that has gone above and beyond the past year.

Volunteer of the Year
Started in 2021, this award honors a "mid-level" and/or "newer" or "younger" IPLAC member who has stepped up in leadership and enthusiasm and has made a difference to IPLAC.

Distinguished Member Service Award
Started in 2021, this award honors a "senior" or "veteran" IPLAC member who has dedicated their time, resources, wisdom and more to IPLAC and our members.

2023 Winners

Dinner Committee

Alisa Simmons (Chair)
Madalyn Phillips (Vice Chair)
Julianne Hartzell (Vice Chair)
Lisa Becker (Vice Chair)

CLE Committee

Matthew Marrone (Chair)
Jaimin Shah (Vice Chair)

Evan Kline-Wedeen

Kiana Baharloo

Bob Resis

Peg Duncan

2022 Winners

Website Committee

Mary Fetsco (Chair)

(No Award)

(No Award)

2021 Winners

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Atanu Das (Co-Chair)
Cynthia Assam (Co-Chair)
Caleb Norris (Vice Chair)

Kenneth Matuszewski

Rachel Miller

Patrick Burns

2020 Winners

Amicus Committee

Bob Resis (Co-Chair)
Peg Duncan (Co-Chair)

Field Day Committee

Brian A. Verbus (Co-Chair)
Evan Kline-Wedeen (Co-Chair)

(No Award)

(No Award)

2019 Winners

Women in IP Committee

Libby O'Neill (Co-Chair)
RiKaleigh Johnson (Co-Chair)

(No Award)

(No Award)

2018 Winners

Paralegal Committee

Cindy Schermerhorn (Chair)
Louise Tennis (Vice Chair)
Abbey Lenz (Vice Chair)

Young Members Committee

Joe Janas (Chair)
Dunstan Barnes (Vice Chair)
Ryan Schermerhorn (Vice Chair)

(No Award)

(No Award)