November 13, 2023

Member Spotlight

David Lindner

Q:   What made you decide to be an IPLAC member?

A:   IPLAC has established an excellent IP network in Chicago. Being part of IPLAC helps me to continue to develop my IP connections in Chicago, which is useful regardless of which side of the “v” I am on in a particular case. Additionally, IPLAC offers excellent events, and provides me with opportunities to stay in touch with my fellow IP friends that are in-house or at other firm.

Q:   What is your practice like?

A:   My practice focuses on patent litigation, primarily in the areas of electronics, mechanical devices, and medical devices. Much of my practice involved District Court litigation, but recently has expanded to also involve blocking and defending imports before the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Q:   What do you enjoy the most about being an IP attorney in Chicago?

A:   The access to technology companies and their amazing and interesting staff. Not only does Chicago continue to be a thriving technology city with companies that are continuing to push the limits of innovation, but its central location makes it easy to travel to clients located outside of Chicago.

Q:   What do you like the most about being an IPLAC member?

A:   I enjoy the programing offered by IPLAC, and the ease of its members to become involved in planning those events. There are events for everyone, and this makes it easy to stay involved with the Chicago IP community.

Q:   What do you like to do for fun, whether IP-related or not?

I am a very active person, and enjoy finding new ways to physically challenge myself – whether it be early morning gym workouts, jumping on my bike and riding around the lakefront or up to the suburbs, or just lacing up my shoes and grabbing a quick run after work or on the weekend.