January 25, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Virtual

Are You Satisfying Your Responsibilities As A Lawyer In Your Career?

An IPLAC and The Richard Linn American Inn of Court Joint Event

The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct set forth a lawyer’s responsibilities as a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system, and a public citizen having special responsibilities for the quality of justice.  In doing so, the rules require a lawyer to be competent, prompt and diligent.  In an interactive discussion, this program will share lessons learned in evaluating whether we, as lawyers, are satisfying such responsibilities competently and diligently, and with integrity and satisfaction. We will draw from the experiences of our panel members representing various demographics, career paths and stages of their careers, as well as from our attending audience members. 

In advance of the meeting, a survey will be sent to all members to pose questions relating to issues addressed and lessons learned regarding our responsibilities as lawyers.  Exemplary questions might include: “how do you competently and diligently satisfy the responsibilities that we have as lawyers,” “how can we, as lawyers, be good public citizens having special responsibilities for the quality of justice,” “what do you believe we lawyers should strive for in the legal profession,” “do you have suggestions to others about thinking of these issues,” “do you have suggestions to leaders in the profession about these issues,” “how can we realize personal satisfaction in our responsibilities as lawyers,” “how can our career and life goals be consistent with our responsibilities as lawyers,” “if you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently to satisfy such responsibilities,” etc.


  • Before the meeting:  a survey of Inn members will be sent out a week or two before the meeting (using the online Survey Monkey resource).  The survey will pose a series of questions relating to the subject matters raised in the above-referenced questions.  We will circulate the survey results before the meeting. 
  • At the meeting: there will be panel discussion followed by interactive discussion with audience members, with all discussion lead by moderators (we will have more than one moderator).  There will be three phases:
    • 1) panelists go around and give their perspectives on the above questions and survey results;
    • 2) moderators pose questions to panelists, and
    • 3) moderators pose questions to, and invite questions from, audience regarding the above questions and survey results. 

 Zoom invitation to be distributed in advance by The Richard Linn American Inn of Court.

  • We are working toward offering Professional Responsibility MCLE credit for this program – we will provide an update with the Zoom instructions.
  • Guests are welcome.  Please feel free to share the meeting information.