April 26, 2023

Member Spotlight

Kate Berezutskaya

Dr. Kate Berezutskaya is a partner at Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd. in Chicago and an IPLAC member currently serving as co-chair for the IPLAC Judicial Appointments Committee.

Prior to earning her JD at Chicago-Kent, Kate earned a PhD in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She is a trusted intellectual property advisor to companies and research institutions and draws her strength from her science training and years of patent practice before the USPTO.  Kate is recognized for her practical and creative approaches in developing and protecting patent portfolios in a wide range of technical areas, including biotechnologies, chemical technologies, building construction products, pharmaceuticals, biologics, manufacturing systems, plant genetics, cosmetic products, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Kate notes: “I am very proud and appreciative of being a member of our IP community and enjoy volunteering with the IPLAC.”  She appreciates the IPLAC efforts in bringing our IP community together and looks forward to attending various IPLAC invents, including the IPLAC annual meeting and dinner in May and the field day/golf outing in July.