October 17, 2023

Member Spotlight

Raymond R. Ricordati, III

Q:   What made you decide to be an IPLAC member?

A:   I have always found IPLAC to be a great way for all of us to further our careers, increase our business and grow our networks. I also look forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues in the bar.

Q:   What is your practice like?

A:   My practice has pretty much run the gamut of an law firm IP practice. These days, my practice is primarily focused on litigation and trials in district court, ITC and PTAB, as well as appellate work. I also work with many clients on pre-litigation counseling, negotiating demand letters, formulating enforcement strategies and the like. Over my career, I’ve also done a significant amount of patent and trademark prosecution as well portfolio assessment and management, which gives me a unique perspective having been exposed to IP from nearly every angle.

Q:   What is one favorite piece of advice you have for junior attorneys?

A:   Your colleagues are among the most creative problem solvers you will ever encounter, but they can’t solve problems they don’t know exist. So, when issues arise, revisit what happened, determine what actions you can take now to fix it, and talk to your colleagues. Talking with your colleagues and asking for help or their opinion not only helps you, but you will also gain their trust.  And, remember that almost nothing is insurmountable if you address it quickly.

Q:   What do you enjoy the most about being an IP attorney in Chicago?

A:   Definitely the community. From the number of esteemed IP law school programs to the top-notch firms and companies of all shapes and sizes, there is a place for everyone, and a great community of smart, motivated and helpful people.

Q:   What do you like to do for fun, whether IP-related or not?

A:   I play lead guitar in a few bands, one of which was fortunate enough to play a show at Schubas over the summer. Being on trial is a lot like playing a gig in that both are the culmination of years of preparation and require every member of the team working in unison to make as creative, impactful and seamless a presentation as possible. If you have a great team and prepared well, it’s also immensely fun and rewarding. I’m very grateful that my career has allowed me to play my part with some amazing teammates.